MPC opens a website on the Migrant Crisis

Migration and refugee movements in the Mediterranean countries have gained unprecedented momentum in recent months. The situation along migratory routes to Europe and within Europe itself is changing faster than ever before. Opinions of all kinds flourish, often without the necessary base of accurate, up-to-date information.

MPC website on the migrant crisis is aimed at providing a mixed audience comprised of the media, policy-makers and politicians, migration stakeholders, and the academic community, with the facts needed to understand the course of events and make informed judgments. The website will be enriched and updated on a weekly basis. It will offer in one single place comprehensive, detailed, multidimensional and multi-sited information gathered from a wide variety of sources either opened or not to public access. It aims at providing the facts with a level of details that no other single source offers.

The website will gather all the relevant data (statistics, graphs, maps, legislations, documents from governments and other stakeholders, etc.), accompanied by analytical notes and policy briefs. It will cover all the countries on the main migration routes to the EU, allowing comparison between EU and non-EU countries.