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  1. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Hello, my name is Rebecca Anderson. I’m a journalism student studying at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I’m currently involved in a school project where I have to conduct an interview with somebody who is currently residing in Syria. I found your contact information through your website. I was wondering if I could get a little more information from you via Skype, if you could please let me know before the weekend.

    Best regards,
    Rebecca Anderson

  2. Ana says:

    Does anyone know whether there is any volunteering program to help syrian refugees in these countries?

  3. anna says:

    I am a student in International Action in Paris.
    I would like to volunteer at the Zaatari refugee camp. I don t know how to find NGOs that accept volunteers at the refugee camp.
    Can someone give me some advise?

    thank you


  4. Maisa says:

    The Ugly Truth
    Check this link

    Unfortunately not all the human aid reaches the Syrians in all the immediate neighbors some greedy and bad people steel the money and spend it on their pleasure.

    My friend who is Syrian and residence in Dubai who went to Jordan for a short visit to his family they got him a refugee card??? He told them that I live and work in Dubai they didn’t lesten and got him a refugee card.

    The same happened to a group of 42 Syrians was going to turkey for a tourism…only a tourism, the same situation they got them a refugee cards. All that just to gain illegal extra money.

    I can provide names if you want for these cases.

    Thanks for all who donate money to the UN or Red Cross but the ugly truth that Syrian only get 10% of these money.

    Add on that

    If a Syrian applied for asylum in UNHCR Beirut the application will be in the dustbin unless you pay 10,000$ ????
    Plus, the Schengen visa (original not false from the Swedish consulate in Beirut or Amman will cost 11000 Euro.per person. ???? you just pay and easy to get the visa even if your grand father is Osama Bin Laden.

    All the above info can be approved with evidence

  5. Maisa says:

    by the way
    will be sure to let all the world knwo this truth.

  6. Fadi Moustafa says:

    I’m Fadi Mustafa from Syria. I finish my study in English Literature in my country. I’m 25 years old. I’m suffered alot. I have a bad pain in my back. I can’t walk very well. Please help me. I run off from Syria because of I am required for Syrian Army Service. Now I’m being in Istanbul. I want a humanitarian asylum. Hope in you … i’m waiting your answer. Thanks

  7. Jad says:

    I support you Maisa and would like to thank you bsc you said the truth that poor people could not said and you are trying to arrive their sound you are the voice platform of the oppressed people

  8. I’d likе to find outt more? I’d want to find оut more details.

  9. Caio Fraga says:

    I would like to host a syrian refugee who is living in Turkey. What are the necessary documents and legal requirements needed to get him a Schengen visa?

    • James Johnson Jr says:

      I want to do the same for someone in Jordan. What have you found out? Will I be able to get him to the US?

  10. Shahin YIGIT says:

    We are planning to shoot a Documentary Film about the internally displaced persons. We hope that this project might be of your interest.If you have any idea please discuss with us.

    • James Johnson Jr says:

      How about you help me and document the process of getting a displaced Syrian living in Jordan to get asylum in the US and I sponsor him, while his family is still in Syria

    • Wael B says:

      Check out Carol Mansour’s Documentary “Not who we are” (2013). Its a recent production that follows the lives of 4 Syrian Women who’ve fled from the Syrian conflict to Lebanon, and documents how their lives have taken a turn for the worse there-after.

  11. Abdullah Talukder says:

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I can provide a Syrian refugee family from Turkey who are capable to work. Contact me

  12. James Johnson Jr says:

    I want to sponsor a Syrian refugee that is in Irbid. How do I start the process?

  13. Havin Mamo says:

    I know just one fact, that is the countries neighboring Syria are making so much money trading with us. I’m so sorry to say that but I’ve to all these countries and saw

  14. Havin Mamo says:

    for more information about the Syrian refugees please do not hesitate to contact me:
    we really can help and provide solutions as much as we can altogether.

  15. elizabeth mc hugh says:


    • yasmine says:

      hi elizabeth, i am sure you can find help from this NGO specialized on legal assistance to refugees and based in the UK :
      Please post info here on the procedure afterwards

    • wael hasn says:

      I am a Syrian citizen survived the war in my country
      I am married and without children
      I lost my home and my work there because of death threats
      I was held in Egypt since ten months
      And now I have a lot of problems in Egypt
      I can not get a job
      And suffer from the high cost of living
      I worked in Syria in a specialized hospital
      Laboratory Technician function
      And I have eight years of experience in my job

    • TN says:

      I believe if many of you are trying to get Syrian friends and families to host or get them to your country as refugees, it would take a long process. The one way is for whoever the individual is that you are trying to bring to your country to host is to apply through immigrations. Your friends or families would also have to apply as well on their side. That can be done with social workers or with an administration at their refugee camp. The way the application process works depends on what kind of support your Syrian friends or families have. What I’m referring to as in support is housing, financial, and also sponsorships. (It could be you or an employer that you have found for them) This is a very long process due to the numbers of refugees, and I’m not sure what the capacity is on the workers staff is like either. Another important concern is immigration might have to let this whole crisis come to a stable situation first also. It’s due to many Westerners traveling to Syria and Iraq to pledge allegiances to IS. Security is the major factor when it comes to this asylum application in something like this. The US and UK is more concern on homeland security and threats that might impose if they let in the wrong refugee without knowing their backgrounds. Both sides will have to apply in this situation. Also, what will help is hiring a professional immigrations lawyer who has dealt with this those looking for asylums or refugees. A lawyer that has credibility with immigrations. Unlikely, your Syrian friends or families will not be able to get a lawyer at this point, but those of you that are in the US or UK ect. might consider hiring a lawyer to speed up this process. If the applications go through, the next step would be for your Syrian friends or families will have to be interview by an immigration official. All these steps are important. The interview is the final process that will let the immigration officials decide to make a decision to approve the application or not. Officials will ask all sorts of questions. There will be many questions. It helps to learn English ahead of time to make a good impression as well, but not necessary. The information that I am providing you with are based on me. I was a refugee who escaped Vietnam’s communism due to political prosecution. Also, many of my family members have went through the same process to pernamently live in the US or UK. For other countries, you can ask me, and I can find out for you through sources of my own if you are interested.

  16. Hana says:

    So I am planning to go to antalya in turkey and from there I want to go to one of the refugee camps in Turkey to help teach thr children their English. However, I dont know how to get to any refugee camps or what to do when I find one. please help me:)

  17. Farhan mostaf says:

    I am Syrian refugee living in Domiz camp (North of Iraq/ Duhok),and working as translator,for now I really want to go to europ cause the situation is so so and very very bad

  18. mhamad says:

    my skype account is : scofeild134
    now i’m in syria any one want info contact me on skype

  19. Deborah says:

    Looking for Latakia. Hamshos. Help

  20. Nara says:

    I am Palestinian with travel document issued by the Syrian Government. Now I am in Jordan and I have no residence. I am really afraid to be deported to Syria, and I have a case. Please contact me if you can help.

  21. Reem Bashir says:

    Dear Friends
    I’m happy to see such a great sympathy with us. I’m a 33 years old female Syrian refugee. I have been teaching English in UNRWA schools in Aleppo Syria for eight years now. I have also been a graphic design for 10 years. I have a BA degree in English Literature and Language and a UN teaching diploma. I had to flee the war after my home was bombed. I came to Turkey and now I’m staying in Istanbul. There is no financial aids for Syrian refugees here and no work permission. I tried to apply for many UN jobs or any other job but in vain. Now me and my boyfriend who is also a Syrian refugees are out of money and facing one of the choices of either running away through the boarders to Bulgaria or finding a visa to seek refuge to any other country where we can live and work in.

  22. Reem Bashir says:

    I forgot to leave my e-mail. I you can help us in any way Please contact me

  23. Ahmed says:

    i am syrian living in dubai , i got terminated from my job , tried looking every where for a new job but unfortunately no visa for Syrians and i cannot stay there anymore
    My wife is pregnant and i need help for my wife to deliver , i have submitted visa request but it was rejected .
    i am requesting help to join my family in Sweden

  24. TN says:

    I’m am also trying to get to a refugee camp as well to volunteer to help in anyway as possible. I have many skills that will benefit the refugee camp. Can anyone help me with getting in contact with an organization? At least an non government organization since application process goes quicker with those organizations? I know of some government organization, but those can take up to 9-12 months. Also, they are also very selective about who they want to volunteer. Please let me know if you know anything. Thank you guys

  25. moon says:

    Im from damascus want to move to turkey ,i can teach english and arabic and work as bilingual salesman or any kind of customer services ,anyone can help me find a job or place to live in turkey with my kids 4 and 2 years old,

  26. Arthur says:

    I am an independent documentary photographer who has covered human interest stories in many places. I typically imbed myself, living with a family or group so that I may tell real stories from the inside, rather than standing at a distance observing. It is a much more powerful way to portray the narrative of a situation.

    I wish to travel to, then live in one of the Syrian refugee camps on the Turkish side of the boarder. From this perspective I wish to document life in the camps and life for those who watch over and care for the camps. This is an objective project, focusing on life, not the politics.

    Can anyone give me some information or leads on whom to contact?

    Many thanks in advance.

  27. Mohammad says:

    I am a Pakistani political party worker my brother was died in bomb blast by terrorist my son was kidnapped my video CD’s shop was burned i have fake political cases against me I was received several attempt / attacks on me and my family life is in very danger, can some one help to save my rest of the family and made asylum in any European country as soon as possible.

  28. Lubos Zavrel says:

    Please, I search for my Syrian friends. Hope they have escaped to Jordan. Any web-page to help me to find them?
    Thanks for any advise.

  29. Adele says:

    This page may be useful for anyone looking to apply for asylum in Ireland

  30. Rauf says:

    I am from Pakistan. I want to help of syrian family, with faith & sincerity through marriage,
    because i want a muslim wife.
    I have 100% confidence because i am not a greedy man, and please not contact with me any fraud.
    Skype: raufshahzad123

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