There are some 6.5 million internally displaced Syrians within their own country. The majority are found in the regions of Damascus, Alep, Homs, Deir Ez-Zor and Idlib.

Declarations and good intentions do not feed the starving and they do not shelter refugees. The harmful consequences of such a situation risk having very profound impacts on Syrian society, as well as on neighbouring countries.

Salam Kawakibi, Syrian political scientist, December 2012


Syria country study

  • Salam Kawakibi


The Syrian Crisis and its Repercussions: Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees

Download the full Syria country study (166 KB)

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  1. Mariyam Abdul Raheem says:

    I believe we need to create awareness amongst the rich with regard to this issue. The Arab world itself remains somewhat quiet and looking the other way . I don’t care who rules the country though if that could be set right a lot could be set right as well.
    Most are ignorant that innocent children and women and elderly are dieing in a war they didn’t want any part in . It saddens me that i could not do much because i am limited in my resources. But those who are rich and have enough means can help. If we can create a little bit more of humanity in them , i believe it could go a long way . May Allah help us, for we are in dire need of it. Emotionally , spiritually and as human beings. For we have forgotten what we are. Even animals look after their own kind but we neglect to do so our self.

    • Miles Williams says:

      The voices of the refugees need to be heard. They have emotional stories to be told which might trigger the warmongers into humanitarian aid.

    • Incognito says:

      According to this website 9,000,000 Syrians fled their homes up to now (August 2014).
      1. This forms a majority.
      2. Those people made the choice of “Security” over “fighting with rebels”
      3. Therefore those people chose “Security” over “The Freedom Fight”

      Democratically, it’s simple: People prefer security over the freedom fight. Rebels should stop fighting now if they are really fighting for freedom. If they continue, really, they are just fighting for themselves.

  2. Sharon says:

    Can you get them some wood pallets to walk on so they aren’t walking in mud ?

  3. michael says:

    stop talking start doing with 3 month income from zakat from Islam around the world the problem can be solved get to it show us you can take care of this minor set back . solve it other wise you are third world country for another 50 years. go to work you devoted Islams, Allah Akbar


  4. michael says:

    it takes 3 moth of Zakat , would solve refugees problem , so get to work you PHD of saudi jourden syria lebanon get together now solve this problem.(should not solve this problem you will be third world for 60 more years )Michael Deeb

  5. basem says:

    My name is TOME Basem I m 34 years old, I studied French literature, and I worked in auto spare parts business.
    I have search in the internet for humanity organizations to help me with my family and here is my story.
    I m Syrian and being Syrian is my tragedy within almost 3 years of war.
    The crises started by demur demonstrations against the government with some disorder acts but the situation was normal in the first year and there was no fear. I met a beautiful girl and we loved each other then after almost one year we got married. Several months before the marriage the battles between the Islamic revolutionaries and the army of the government began in my little town IRBIN – suburb of Damascus the capital (6 kilometers far from Damascus) -where I live and work. The battles increased very fast and very strong then after a few months of fights the Islamic dominated the town and kick out the police and the army of the regime outside IRBIN, and as a result of this new situation the army gave the orders to strike the town by artillery and aviation.
    So I had to emigrate from IRBIN ,I quit the town because of the continuous strikes from the regime and discomfort acts from the Islamic revolutionaries for a religion reasons because I m Christian so all the Christians oblige to quit the town. I felt like the both side of war used me for politics reason and don’t care about me and about my needs. and indeed I don’t trust them and I cannot coexist with them because they are both liar and barbarian. So I left my little town ,I lost my apartment , my office ,my warehouse , my goods and I never came back again to IRBIN.
    I moved to Damascus, I rent a small apartment .
    all these goings-on passed during the first year and second year for the crises.
    The situation becomes bad with time and the third year is the worst .
    At the beginning of 2013 my wife Lana get pregnant .And from the other side the number of explosions increase and become bigger and the fireballs and missiles fall down on our area continuously and It becomes almost daily and the kidnapping acts increase . The fear and the panic become very big especially Lana and we had worry about the embryo , so we didn’t go out unless for bring food or something urgent because we are afraid from death that existed all around us . As a result of fireballs I had to quite the new apartment because it was dangerous because it was the last level in the building , and I had to emigrate one more time to new area more secure in first level apartment but the situation still almost the same because the flinders of fireball kill more people that the fireball itself.
    All these miserable’s things are supportable until the moment when my baby boy Ralf was born.
    Babies need care and attention, they need warm ,medicaments and medical care, they need light, electricity and fuel to stop cold, babies cannot run away and hide in the bathroom during the fall of fireballs.
    The security situation becomes so bad and the electricity cut of about 18-20 hours per day and no fuel for warm and weather is frozen, the medicaments not available permanently, death become closer and fear becomes so big and it touch our live every second.
    The picture is very dark, the reality situation cannot be described by words especially when the voices of fireballs started so we run away fast and hide in bathroom far from windows and doors, and without electricity most of time, so the baby start cry and scream .
    Live becomes very hard and bad and dangerous and it’s impossible to be continued here.
    We are a simple and normal family and all that I ask for is the right to live whit out panic and fear .the right to live with warm ,health and happiness for my 3months old baby. The right to think about the future of my family or(who still alive between us).the right to think about develop my work not about run away from snipers ,kidnapping , fireballs, chemical weapon and explosions. the right to feel safe.
    I started ask myself :could my boy grow up like normal child? will he go to school? Could he live in a place of freedom, pride, justice, with no fear of terrorism, extravagance, communalism ? Could my son live with no fear of someone come to cut the neck of every person on our family and finish by eating his heart? Could my baby grow up without see all this blood and body and feel all this hate? Could I go for picnic with my small family on the weekend in a sunny day?
    I need help I don’t want to be me or someone from my family a number in the statistic of dead who passed 130.000 persons.
    Could your country receive my little family of 3 persons and save us before we become victim of diseases ,hunger and fight? I don’t want to travel to Europe illegally. Please could you provide me a safety way to go to safety place in your country?
    Thank you very much for your comprehension and cooperation.
    I hope you understand my wish and help me to survive.
    Excuse my bad language I think I made a lot of mistakes.

    TOHME Bassem
    Mob: 00963-944-443744

  6. dear sir
    im oralmaxillfacial siryan working in saudi arabia since 16 y ago
    im looking to assylum to EU CONTRIES

  7. farhan javed says:


    facebook id:

  8. dear sir

    mu name is Mohamed and am living in Egypt alone
    all my family die in the situation in Syria and my uncle who is pay for my ticket to Egypt he die ether
    am just asking from you to give me asylum to EU COUNTRIES and i will be so glad
    i have very bad time and no have work and sleep at the street so please help me am human been

    thanks allot for reading my msg

  9. iqbal ahmed says:

    I am an indian 27 years, divorcee working/settled in Nigeria. am graduate owing schools. am interested in marrying Syrian refugee. if you have a beautiful, educated and god fearing aged 20 yrs,i will be interested. she should have a passport to travel to nigeria

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