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This site was created by the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy from November 2012-January 2013.

About the Migration Policy Centre

The MPC conducts scientifically robust, policy-relevant field and archival research that targets policy-makers and politicians at both the European and global levels. This research provides tools for addressing migration challenges, by:

  • producing policy-oriented research on aspects of migration, asylum and mobility in Europe and in countries located along migration routes to Europe;
  • bridging research with action by providing policy-makers and other stakeholders with the results required for evidence-based policy-making, as well as with the necessary methodologies to address migration governance needs;
  • pooling scholars, experts, policy makers, and influential thinkers to identify problems, research their causes and consequences, and devise policy solutions.

Syrianrefugees.eu Team 

  • Alain Navarro
  • Ilan Moss
  • Carla Fibla
  • Marc Semo
  • Camille Harang


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