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There are currently almost 220,000 refugees registered with the UNHCR in Iraq, the vast majority in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraq sent more than one million refugees across the border to Syria during the first decade of this century. However now, in a reversal of roles also seen with Lebanon, it is Iraq that is receiving refugees from Syria. The majority of Syrian refugees in Iraq reside in the Kurdistan province of Duhok (see map below).

In June 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant took control of the Iraqi city Mosul, sparking a second refugee crisis in the country. See our timeline for more on this.

Life in Domiz Camp – Photos

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We’ve created a photo essay of life in Domiz Camp, along with the main findings of Professor Salman’s study. December 2012.

See the photo essay here:



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Iraq country studies

  • Cameron Thibos

This MPC brief situates the astonishing rise of the group Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham (ISIS) within Iraq’s much larger history of violent displacement.

35 Years of Forced Displacement  in Iraq:  (729 KB)

  • Assessment of the situation of the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan region Iraq

Mohamed Salman, Assistant Professor, University of Salahaddin-Erbil was in the Domiz camp between September and October 2012, carrying out interviews with individuals and groups.


Download the full Iraq country study (947 KB)



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